Everyone is welcome to have their children christened in their parish church and we would love to meet you if you would like this to happen at St John Baptist.

The Christening (also known as Baptism) is usually part of a main Sunday service but it is also possible to arrange a special service at a different time. All you need to know about planning and going to a christening can be found on the Church of England website.

A Thanksgiving Service is another way to say thank you to God for your child. It’s possible to have this service instead of a christening if you decide that now isn’t the right time to have your child baptized. You might also choose this service when your baby is just born, or if you have adopted a child into your family and you simply want to celebrate this with special words said by a vicar in church. More information about Thanksgiving Services is available here.

Please contact Revd Jane Frost, our Associate Priest who will be delighted to talk to you.

St John Baptist, Marldon church services on Sundays at 10 am, apart from the 5th Sunday in a month when there is a Totnes Team Service. There is also Junior Church and coffee after the service. Do join us! All are welcome.